Pickleball Proud

Pickleball Proud

Fountain Valley Pickleball Club held a Grand Opening event July 21st at the Fountain Valley Tennis Center to celebrate the new Fountain Valley out-door Pickleball courts.

The event was co-hosted by the Fountain Valley Tennis Center and Fountain Valley Pickleball Club. Mayor Michael Vo, City Councilman Steve Nagel, and City Councilman Larry Crandall were on hand, as was Fountain Valley School District Trustee Sandra Crandall.

The event attracted more than 150 Pickleball players from throughout Southern California.

Pickleball is a combination of tennis and ping pong played on a badminton size court, either indoor or outdoor. The ball is basically a heavy-duty whiffle ball. The sound of the ball hitting the paddle sounds like a ping pong, but the Pickleball court resembles a small tennis court.

Photo: Mayor Michael Vo, Dave Osborn, Tanyat Pham, Matt Haines, Melinda Alger, Don Alger, Council member Larry Crandall, & Mayor Protem Steve Nagel.‚Äč